July 2019

Barco High Hopes 2
18/07/2019 | Sin categoría

He built his own boat thanks to his determination, patience and hope

Building a boat with your own hands requires a lot of determination, patience, and a great deal of hope, and that is what led our next interviewee to build it alone with his own hands. High Hopes is the name of his sailboat, which could not have been baptized otherwise.

11/07/2019 | enviromental, From Yacht Port Cartagena, Marina

Yacht Port Cartagena collaborates with the Port Authority of Cartagena in the measurement of environmental pollution

Surely many of you had already realized the existence of this mobile unit. If not, we tell you that it is a station responsible for measuring air pollutants and their environmental impact, and we’ll have in Yacht Port Cartagena until middle of November.

Barco Bifrost
09/07/2019 | Clientes, Entrevistas, Marina

When Yacht Port Cartagena becomes your house

In our interview section, today it is the turn of a family that has made Yacht Port Cartagena their home. They are a clear example of how to live in today and know how to enjoy the present moment to the fullest. This Danish family arrived at our marina just for one day, and they plan to stay until November.