18/08/2017 | What to do

In September Cartagineses y Romanos take Cartagena again

From 15th to 24th September 2017 the Carthaginians and Romans festivity revive the founding of Cartagena, with 25 Carthaginian troops and 25Roman legions that stage for 10 days the most important feats occurred in the city in the years of its founding.

08/08/2017 | From Yacht Port Cartagena

Solarwave. No fuel and no gas on board

Solarwave. No fuel and no gas on board as it works exclusively with solar-power, propulsion as well as household appliances.
The ‘Solarwave 62′ is a 100% solar powered boat, thanks to the solar panels that cover its 20 meter deck.
The construction of this catamaran began last year thanks to a joint work between Solarwave-Yachts and the Turkish shipyard Nedship.

Velero Xarifa hace escala en Yacht Port Cartagena (2)
29/06/2017 | From Yacht Port Cartagena

The classic vessel Xarifa visits Yacht Port Cartagena

The classic schooner Xarifa, built in 1927, makes these days at Yacht Port Cartagena.
A classic sailing boat of 50m in length and full of stories.
If you want to know some of them we propose the reading of this interesting article published by Nauta 360:
Goleta Xarifa

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IX Regata Solidaria Carburo de Plata
01/06/2017 | From Yacht Port Cartagena

IX Regata Solidaria Carburo de Plata

In June 2nd, 3rd and 4th, the IX Regata Solidaria Carburo de Plata is held at Yacht Port Cartagena.
Once more our marina becomes the ideal stage for the celebration of this event already consolidated at national level, chosen in 2014 as best regatta in Spain and which this year brings 80 boats and 500 crew.

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