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24/03/2022 | Sin categoría

IX ANEN Nautical Congress – Valencia, 24th-25th of March of 2022

The ninth edition of the ANEN Nautical Congress is held in Valencia, for the second time, and will once again be held at the OCEANOGRAFIC on 24th and 25th of March of 2022.
Debate, networking and the keys to growing in one of the sectors that have gained the most momentum and that have shown their resilience in times of crisis are back.

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03/12/2021 | Sin categoría

Collaboration agreement with the Research Institute “Cartagena Oceanographic Research Institute (CORI)

Puerto Yacht Cartagena has signed a collaboration agreement with the Research Institute “Cartagena Oceanographic Research Institute (CORI)”, with which we intend, following our Environmental Policy, to protect and get a better understanding of the biodiversity and the marine environment that surround us.
More information: https://cori.

14/05/2021 | Sin categoría

International Museums Day

The 13th edition of the International Museums Day will be held on Saturday May 15 in Cartagena, although this year the programme is being notably reduced and the number of people permitted to enter the venues at any given time restricted due to the COVID-19.
More information:

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17/04/2021 | Sin categoría

Isaac Peral Submarine

Princess Leonor will be the godmother of Isaac Peral submarine (S-81) which will be put afloat on April 22 in Shipyard Navantia of Cartagena

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