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17/04/2021 | Sin categoría

Isaac Peral Submarine

Princess Leonor will be the godmother of Isaac Peral submarine (S-81) which will be put afloat on April 22 in Shipyard Navantia of Cartagena

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30/10/2020 | Sin categoría

New Covid regulation Region of Murcia 30.10.2020

We provide you with the Regulatory Regulation COVID Region of Murcia What can I do and what not? (in spanish), prepared by the Consejería de Salud.
As well as a map of authorized mobility within the municipality of Cartagena:

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Barco Tatsu
29/07/2019 | Sin categoría

Cartagena’s climate encouraged me to come

Undoubtedly, this Irishman has been made to Spanish customs more than any of us. If could, he would have a house in both Cartagena and Cádiz, and can’t live without olive oil! … Thank you @HR352Tatsu for “opening your doors” and letting us know a little more about you.
Define yourself with three adjectives
Optimistic. Practical. Prepared.

Barco High Hopes 2
18/07/2019 | Sin categoría

He built his own boat thanks to his determination, patience and hope

Building a boat with your own hands requires a lot of determination, patience, and a great deal of hope, and that is what led our next interviewee to build it alone with his own hands. High Hopes is the name of his sailboat, which could not have been baptized otherwise.