July 2014

29/07/2014 | What to do

Discover the golf courses of Murcia

More than 300 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 19° C, make Cartagena and surroundings an ideal place to play golf and relax.
Come and practice your swing at any of the golf courses you will find in Murcia.

• Paraje Los Giles
• 968 328 008
• reservas@irmgolfexperience.

Evolution Divers
17/07/2014 | What to do

Discover the beauty of our waters with BUBBLES DIVE

This company, based in Cartagena, Madrid, Torrevieja and Tabarca has up to 15 years educational, sport and biology background, with a vocation of protecting the environment and enjoying throught the sports and nautical experience. Its ONG Bubbles Nature develops educational programs and marine areas protection projects.

Teatro Romano de Cartagena
16/07/2014 | What to do

Roman Theatre of Cartagena

The Roman Theatre of Cartagena has been one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in recent times.
Surprisingly, given its size and magnificent architecture, it remained hidden for centuries, as we didn´t know of it until 1988. This is explained because it is situated in an area of the city that has been occupied continuously since the founding of the city to date.

Fiesta Cartagineses y Romanos. Cartagena
05/07/2014 | What to do

Cartagineses y Romanos

In September the city celebrates its founding with these festivities, recreating some of the most significant moments of the Carthaginian foundation and the Roman conquest.
Experience a session of the Senate of Rome, gladiator fights, parades and troop landings, battles,.. and share 3.000 years of history with us.