April 2017

Life On Board project in Yacht Port Cartagena (1)
24/04/2017 | Sin categoría

“Life On Board” project has landed in Yacht Port Cartagena

The passion of the two young sailors, Carmo e Inés for the sea took them to live a first-hand sailing experience.
During 100 days they will join sailors who welcome them on board to learn about this life style and to be a part of their sailing passages and adventures.

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Semana Santa Cartagena
04/04/2017 | What to do

Semana Santa Cartagena 2017

Semana Santa, declared of International Tourist Interest, is one of the most popular and emotional festivities in Cartagena, its Semana Grande. Devotion, sobriety, the art of sculptures, colors and music create a unique celebration of the passion of Jesus Christ.