“Life On Board” project has landed in Yacht Port Cartagena

24/04/2017 | Sin categoría

The passion of the two young sailors, Carmo e Inés for the sea took them to live a first-hand sailing experience.
During 100 days they will join sailors who welcome them on board to learn about this life style and to be a part of their sailing passages and adventures.

We share the article they wrote about their experience in Yacht Port Cartagena:

The forecast predicted strong winds and big waves were approaching the coast. So we decided to get shelter in the next marina, as soon as possible.
The closest one was Cartagena, and we couldn’t have asked for a better shelter…
It was a warm welcoming from all the staff! Not only the kind people we met, but also the facilities, exceeded our expectations.
For our project, we started to ask about sailors and we were immediately introduced in the great community of live-a-board sailors, that have chosen this marina as their home. There are weekly community events and activites, and everyone seems to know who lives where and who can help with what.
Only two days have passed since we are here and we feel like we’ve met so many great people and listened to amazing stories.It has really inspired and motivated us to keep going with our project. Moreover, it reminded us why it all started!
With more than 3000 years of history Cartagena and its port are a popular Mediterranean treasure. We were told that all the boats that have docked in Cartagena always leave a part of themselves in the harbour. Many sailors arrived thinking they would only stay for a few days, but eventually they stayed for years and years (be careful when deciding to dock here!).
All types of boats can be found in the Cartagena Yacht Port: from small to large boats, from humble boats with decades of history to millionary boats underconstruction.
We are very impressed with the authentic smiles people widely give to each other when crossing on the pontoons.
Tomorrow we leave Cartagena and, for sure we will be gone with the feeling that we are coming back soon!

Carmo & Inês”

Fair winds, Carmo and Inés

If you want to now more about their project: www.projectlifeonboard.tumblr.com