When Yacht Port Cartagena becomes your house

09/07/2019 | Clientes, Entrevistas, Marina


In our interview section, today it is the turn of a family that has made Yacht Port Cartagena their home. They are a clear example of how to live in today and know how to enjoy the present moment to the fullest. This Danish family arrived at our marina just for one day, and they plan to stay until November.

How long have you been at Yacht Port Cartagena?
About a month

How did you get here? Did anyone talk you about the marina or Cartagena?
We red About Cartagena and we were going up the Coast so it was a port on the way. Met a couple in Fuengirola Who also recommended Cartagena… It was there home port.

Barco Bifrost 2

What happened to stay at the marina one month after your arrival if your idea was to stay just a day?
The kids loves the city and there are plenty to see and many good tapas bars and restaurants. We like that Cartagena is a spanish city without so many tourists. We use it as a base because there are many good spots to anchor around Cartagena so we can go swimming.

How long will you be at YPC?
Until November – 5 month in total

What do you like most about YPC?
The friendly staff

If a friend came to visit you, what is the first thing you would recommend to see or do in the city?
The roman theater and the naval museum. Or just a walk around the city.

Tell us what life is like on a boat for a family like yours
It is a good life were we have time to each other. We have worked a lot of many years and now we have sold business, house/home and everything we owned and the boat is our home. We have no time limit so we take it day by day.

Barco Bifrost 1

What do you like most about living on a boat? Why would you recommend it?
The liberty to move whenever you like. That we are together as a family. That we can swim and bath from the boat.

How do you do with the children and the school?
We take care of the education of the children directly.

A typical Spanish dish that you have loved
Patata bravas – All the small Spanish dishes and that we can share the dishes when we go to dinner

A book that you would recommend
Guide to ports and anchor spots in Spain.

A city that you’re passionate about
We like to see a lot of cities. Every spot we visit have their own charm, and that is why we like to live on the boat…

You would not know how to live without…
Our family

Your last trip…
From Denmark (Roskilde) to Gibraltar a 3 weeks Journey over the North Sea through the English Canal and cross the Biscay and down the Coast of Spain and Portugal.

Your next destination
We don’t know yet, but we would like to go to Italy, Greece and Croatia after we have seen some more of Spain including Menorca and Mallorca.

Will you go back to Yacht Port Cartagena?

Name and surname:Signe Trane Kold/ Henrik Kold

Boat Name:Bifrost


Country of residence:Denmark

Facebook: På rette kurs? Med familien Kold