Yacht Port Cartagena collaborates with the Port Authority of Cartagena in the measurement of environmental pollution

11/07/2019 | enviromental, From Yacht Port Cartagena, Marina

Surely many of you had already realized the existence of this mobile unit. If not, we tell you that it is a station responsible for measuring air pollutants and their environmental impact, and we’ll have in Yacht Port Cartagena until middle of November.

This measuring station is part of a study launched between the Port Authority of Cartagena and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena because of the significant increase in cruise traffic in the Cartagena dock, in order to establish scientifically if there is any relationship between the levels of pollution that may be in the city and its relationship with cruise traffic.

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With the purpose of having the most objective reports possible, the study will compare the concentrations of the main gaseous pollutants in different situations: with and without cruise traffic; at different times of the year and under different meteorological scenarios.

The study will provide information to identify the main polluting sources and propose concrete and effective measures to minimize the impacts on the marine environment and on the city, contributing to the sustainable development of port activity.

For Yacht Port Cartagena, encouraging initiatives that promote a greater environmental responsibility is part of its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact since its annexation in 2011.