Vertigo Coves

07/08/2018 | What to do

With more than three thousand years of history, Cartagena concentrates history, gastronomy and incredible landscapes. From Cartagena to La Azohía, we bring you some coves where you are allowed to anchor, and that you don´t want to miss during your stay at Yacht Port Cartagena.

Cala Cortina
The closest to Cartagena, and perhaps for this same reason the more crowded, but its views and crystal clear waters well deserve a first stop.

Fatares Beach
Virgin beach of great beauty (located in the protected area of the Sierra de la Muela) and difficult to access. It is only reached by boat or through a long hiking route. It has a length of 400 meters for an average width of 18 meters with coarse sand and gravel soil.

Beach of the Cave of the Giant
Here you will find one of those inaccessible corners that you cannot miss and that bears the same name: Cueva de los Gigantes. A magnificent grotto that holds lots of wonders. It is connected to the sea and has a development of 610 meters to travel through caving-diving, although everyone can access the entrance cavity and contemplate its crystalline water pools where you can take a bath at any time of the year.

El Portús Beach
Located in a small town of the same name, this beach is tiny and very quiet. In addition, the village has the charm of being surrounded by mountains. Its waters are very calm, and the beach is composed of sand and boulders.

Cala Aguilar
This quite quiet cove, maybe because its access is complicated, is usually reached by boat. Besides enjoying its calm waters, the cove deserves a special stop to visit the incredible cave of Neptune. This open-air cavity, with a paradisiacal blue lake inside, can only be accessed by sea -diving with bottle and in possession of the titling- or through a long walk with the necessary material to repel up inside and then climb to get out of it.

Cala El Bolete
Calm cove usually accessed by boat in an excellent environment within the protected space of Cabo Tiñoso. With a length of 60 meters and a width of 10 meters, this cozy beach is characterized by its golden sand and a moderate swell.

Cala Pozo de la Avispa
It is not very busy because it is difficult to access, and it has wonderful views. Its calm and blue waters, vegetation, birds and animals characteristic of the place, will give you a unique feeling of peace.
Here you can find these and other coves of your interest