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27/06/2019 | Clientes, Marina


Today we want to start a modest section on our blog to thank all our customers for choosing Yacht Port Cartagena to be their marina: when they want to enjoy summer or spend the winter; for long or short stays; to be the “stop” of a long journey; to all of them, thank you.

And we believe that a good way to do it is to become a small speaker of their life; to know them a little more, what their dreams are. Because they (you) are the real protagonists of Yacht Port Cartagena.

On this occasion it is a blogger turn. His name is Marky. He defines himself as an adventurer, a great lover of life, and always in search of something new, and after two years, he does not deserve another qualification than “friend”.

Marky Warren 2


Q.:What do you value most about Yacht Port Cartagena?
M.W.: It’s a difficult question, as there are so many things to value of such an incredible marina. From being right in the heart of the extraordinary and beautiful historical city of Cartagena, to the most amazing members of staff that work the marina who all hold very special places in my heart, to the great liveaboard community who many I regard as nearly family.

Q.:What is the first thing you would recommend from Cartagena to a friend?
M.W.: Being a bit of a bit of a history junkie, I’d recommend to take a walk through this beautiful city and take it its incredible history, there is so much to learn and you find so astonishingly interesting, there is so much history in the smallest little corners. For example, the statue of Santiago at Santa Lucia fishing dock, marks the exact spot where it is believed that Santiago (St. James) disembarked and made his first steps on Spanish soil.

Q.:Your last trip?
M.W.:Yacht Port Cartagena to Culatra, Portugal.

Q.:Your next crossing?
M.W.:Next sail journey is Yacht Port Cartagena to the Balearics and further east. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in January 2020.

Marky Warren 1

Q.:What destination would you repeat?
M.W.:Culatra, Portugal… and it is getting repeated on the way to the Canaries with a stop in Portugal.

Q.:A dream to fulfil
M.W.:To sail around the world singlehanded nonstop eg.: The Golden Globe Race… In my opinion, the greatest adventure any human may embark on.

Q.:What music do you like to listen to?
M.W.:Alternative Rock (grunge)

Q.:A book that you recommend:
M.W.:Long Walk To Freedom – Nelson Mandela

Q.:Who do you follow on Instagram?
M.W.:There are many, but notable people are @ryan_and_sophie_sailing, @alohatangoroa and the usuals, sv_delos

Q.:A city that you’re passionate about
M.W.:Cartagena of course… but also London and Dubai

Q.:What cannot be missing in your luggage?
M.W.:Everybody knows… My phone… haha

Q.:You would not be able to live without…
M.W.:Internet connectivity haha (I sound like such a geeking millenial)

Q.:Will you ever go back to YPC?
M.W.:A crazy question haha J absolutely! I wouldn’t even think twice about it… and I am coming back

Marky Warren

Name and surname:Marky Warren

Boat Name: Rose Rambler of Devon and previously, Roamer

Nationality: South African

Profession: Blogger

Country of residence: United Kingdom

Instagram: @captainmarkywarren