05/06/2011 | From Yacht Port Cartagena

Summer is here and with it, the return of Yacht racing at the Cartagena Marina. The truth is that since the Marina was built, many are the organizers who have chosen it as a point of arrival, departure or berth. Amongst these is what is considered to be the world’s largest qualifying race: the Audi Med Cup.


This summer, the Marina welcomes several different races, their sailors and their yachts, thanks to the success of previous years. One example of this is the Cartagena Portman III Regatta, which will take place between the 4th and 5th of June. This race is open to cruiser class boats, aiming for the Spanish Cup, and is endorsed both by the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation and by the Sports Council. The organizer is the Portman Yacht Club. It is worth highlighting the broad participation at last year’s event, with 36 boats taking part.

This year, it is anticipated that between 40 and 45 vessels will participate, manned by about 300 sailors, a figure that, according to Isaac Calventus Blas, President of Portman Yacht Club, ‘is very good considering the current situation’.

On the 17th and 18th June the ‘Rotary II Alzheimer’s solo regatta will be take place between San Pedro del Pinatar and the Cartagena Marina. It so happens that, by the very nature of the event, motor boats are also invited to participate, accompanying and following the other vessels. The organization wants to encourage a large turn-out and solo sailing that reaches as many people as possible, and therefore it is inviting all to cruise / race for a token registration fee of 35 Euros. This fee, and the sponsors’ contributions, will be devoted entirely to the research and eradication of Alzheimer’s disease and polio.

The organizers, the Rotary Club, works tirelessly to eradicate polio and Alzheimer’s (the research and treatment thereof) counted on 45 participants last year, a figure that speaks volumes of the success of this year’s venture and one which it hopes to surpass this year.

These two races represent the beginning of the summer season at the Cartagena Marina, a privileged nautical enclave, in the Mediterranean.