05/04/2011 | From Yacht Port Cartagena

Located just a few minutes walk away from the historic city centre, the Yacht Marina offers sailors the opportunity of an ideal mooring: somewhere to relax and unwind, between legs of their journey, to make the most of this calm Marina and of the services offered by it’s professional team. It is not by accident that Cartagena Yacht Marina is one of five which hold the Audi MedCup, now one of the world’s most prestigious regattas.

However, the Marina has other surprises in store for the visitor. Strolling through the marina, you will discover that gulls and cormorants have chosen to settle here and live peacefully. One might say that these seabirds, like the sailors who live on their boats in the marina, are happy in the serenity of their surroundings. Perched atop the bollards that line the edge of the pier, looking out to sea, they unwind after their day’s labours.

Since nothing is accidental, one – even if not an ornithologist – might surmise that perhaps it is the calm and magic of this marina that makes for such harmonious co-existence; especially when one considers that the two species of birds have very different behaviour patterns. When one approaches them, gulls are fearful and take flight. Cormorants however, behave very differently. Indeed, they are happy for people to approach them and are not in the least aggressive. They could have chosen a more distant dock, but they are happy and confident with the people who live and work here. Maybe it’s because they know that, in a marina such as this one, nobody would do them any harm.