Gleda. Following a dream

10/10/2017 | From Yacht Port Cartagena

At Yacht Port Cartagena we have the great fortune to meet interesting people almost every day, sailors who dock in our port with a thousand stories to tell, wishing to share their experiences with us.

Some of these stories are touching, some fun. Others are simply inspiring.
This is the case of Gail and Neil, an English couple who were not afraid to leave everything behind and make their dream come true, build their own catamaran and sail on it. A radical change of life that has brought them to us.

In 2006 and following the design of James Wharram, Neil got to work, alone, without prior experience, but with determination and a dream to fulfill.

Gail joined the project a bit later, a land girl with many doubts and even more courage.

Eight years and 5000 hours of work later Gleda sailed in the sea.

No one can tell this story better than its protagonists: Gleda

Gleda en los medios: