Amarres para embarcaciones en Cartagena, Costa Cálida, Mar Mediterráneo


09/08/2011 | From Yacht Port Cartagena

The extraordinary growth and recognition that the Yacht Port Cartagena has enjoyed since its inception may surprise anyone who has not yet visited, or is unaware of the characteristics and distinguishing features that help make the marina a unique port for medium and large yachts, not only in the Mediterranean.


For those who for years have treasured the experience of sailing these God-given seas, when they arrive at Cartagena marina, they generally agree upon a few key points that make it unique: a Marine unlike any other. The fact that it is located within the natural basin of a modern port but one boasting 3,000 years of history, in a city that is proud of its maritime tradition, is an added incentive. After all Cartagena is a city rich in history (archaeological sites, museums, traditions etc.) blessed with all the advantages that shipbuilding brings to the sport of sailing (shipyards, boatyards, repair and maintenance, chandlers etc)…


Another factor that differentiates Cartagena marina from others is the fact that the marina is practically within the historic city centre. From the calm tranquility of the marina, sailors are only a stone’s throw from all that the city centre has to offer. In recent years Cartagena has experienced an enviable development, on the one hand adapting to modern requirements and on the valuing and enhancing the splendid remains of its past (such as the Roman theatre) – all of which adds value to the marina. What other port allows you to moor up a few hundred yards from the steps of a Roman theater?

Throughout time, the Cartagena marina has been considered one of the safest, if not the safest. Miguel de Cervantes honored it with these words: ‘And so, little-by-little, I reached the port to which the Cartages gave their name. Sheltered and closed to all winds, it is of great renown: bowed down to by all other ports against which the sea laps, a sunlit haven sailed by man. “