02/03/2021 | enviromental, From Yacht Port Cartagena

We are pleased to welcome in YPC the sailing vessel KRAKEN, built in 1974.
This boat and her crew have an important mission: to clean up the Ocean and raise awareness about the impact of plastic waste at sea.
They have been kind enough to tell us a bit about their project Wings of the Ocean:

What is your project about?

The consequences of plastic accumulating in oceans and on beaches are dramatic. Plastic pollution has a direct and fatal effect on wildlife: Thousands of animals are killed each year after ingesting or becoming entangled in plastic. The project of Wings of the Ocean is to clean up the oceans and its surroundings from plastic waste, in partnership with other local associations when they already exist.
We raise public awareness of these issues through conferences and interventions in schools, for example.

Do you see hope for the future? Do you think we will see clean plastic seas?

If we can start a movement and create awareness for a world with less plastic, that will already be a big step. By being lucid, it is impossible to make plastic disappear completely.

How are you affected by this COVID crisis?

Covid put the brakes on our summer 2020 plans, but we were able to complete the Kraken refurbishment last November. We are attentive to health safety on board, and ask our volunteers who board on board to carry out a test before boarding to ensure the safety of the crew.

What advice or guidelines would you give sailors in order to reduce pollution?

Pay attention to the plastic consumption on board, to recycle and reuse what can be, as much as possible. Prefer biodegradable products or products with low ecological impact on marine flora and fauna.
And of course, do not throw anything into the sea ;-)