Libera: nature without litter

15/10/2019 | enviromental

The Spanish Federation of Sports and Tourist Ports Associations, to which Yacht Port Cartagena belongs, has joined the campaign Libera from Ecoembes.
Libera is a project that emerged to help eradicate the trash of the planet. Basuraleza -from the union of the words “basura”, garbage, and “naturaleza”, nature – is the name they propose to give visibility to this serious problem that is altering our natural environments.

The best way to raise awareness is to encourage people to go out to natural spaces and clean up what no one should have polluted in the first place. Throughout the year there will be different campaigns to collect garbage in forests, mountains, seas and rivers throughout Spain.

When you go sailing, remember that last year almost 6 tons of garbage were removed from the seabed of Murcia, and that our Mar Menor is currently in a critical state. It is in our hands to change this situation.

We encourage you to join this cause so that, together, we can keep our biodiversity alive. You can find more information about the campaign Libera at Libera Project