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17/02/2020 | What to do

Carnival of Cartagena 2020

From February 15th to 25th, Cartagena is celebrating Carnival, a festivity of Regional Tourist Interest.
During 10 days, we will enjoy a calendar full of activities for all ages and tastes: troupes, chirigotas, Drag-Queens and choreographic groups will fill the streets of the city with music, color and lots of fun.
And you? Do you have your costume ready?
Find the programme at:

De cala del Bolete a cabo Tiñoso-10
07/08/2018 | What to do

Vertigo Coves

With more than three thousand years of history, Cartagena concentrates history, gastronomy and incredible landscapes. From Cartagena to La Azohía, we bring you some coves where you are allowed to anchor, and that you don´t want to miss during your stay at Yacht Port Cartagena.

12/04/2018 | What to do

Long night of Museums

On May 19th, the museums of Cartagena will open their doors with a wide range of activities to celebrate the International Day of Museums, which has been celebrated around the world since 1977.

18/08/2017 | What to do

In September Cartagineses y Romanos take Cartagena again

From 15th to 24th September 2017 the Carthaginians and Romans festivity revive the founding of Cartagena, with 25 Carthaginian troops and 25Roman legions that stage for 10 days the most important feats occurred in the city in the years of its founding.